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executive resume writing servicesAs a former recruiter, my work has opened doors to thousands of choice jobs at Fortune-ranked companies, start-ups, and emerging industry leaders.

I'm Laura Smith-Proulx, 10-time certified, award-winning executive resume writer with a special interest in YOUR success and results.

Struggling to get noticed for a VP or SVP Sales role? I write your resume for a competitive edge, with a powerful presentation that makes all the difference!

A strategically designed resume that incorporates your specific value proposition is the key to getting noticed! My resumes produce results in today's competitive job market.

What makes An Expert Resume the best choice
for your executive resume writing needs?

My clients experience OUTSTANDING results and increased confidence as a result of my services.

I know the qualities that employers seek--and many executives miss--that can make or break a hiring decision.

But don't take my word for it! Read what my clients have to say:

"I have been offered employment already, and I truly believe that it was the resume you created.

I interviewed with 6 people in the organization and they all commented about it. This is the absolute perfect position for me. Thanks for everything!"

Ted N., Purchasing Executive

"Just to let you know that after I started using the resume I had many phone calls and interviews. Today I was offered a position as the Manager of HR. It is exactly what I was looking for, and the pay is beyond what I was making at my other job.

The one thing that helped me was my resume. They just had to talk with me once they got it. Once again, you're AWESOME."

Chris Vaughan, Human Resources Manager

When you work with me, you get personalized service tailored to your needs from a Certified Executive Resume Writer and former recruiter.

My high success rate comes from my unprecedented skill in creating compelling, keyword-rich documents, plus 20+ years in the hiring industry.

Contact me to find out how to win more interviews with my expert career marketing services.

I have won interviews for executives and other professionals in these roles:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) Chief Security Officer (CSO)
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Senior Financial Director Vice President Sales
Supply Chain Executive Technology Vice President
Business Intelligence Executive IT Director
Executive Vice President (EVP) Human Resources (HR) Director
Marketing Director Vice President Bank Operations
Senior Vice President (SVP) Operations Director
Operations Director Media Relations Director
Land Developer Vice President of Investments
Network Operations Director Consulting Practice Director
Operations Director IT Manager
Program Director Territory Sales Director
Land Developer Communications Director
Hospice Director General Manager
Business Development Manager Retail Operations Manager
Product Manager Project Manager
Restaurant General Manager Offshore Development Manager
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Corporate Training Manager
Network Architect Regional Sales Manager

Click here now to find out how to start winning the interviews you deserve!

My executive resume writing services are designed
for a global and national clientele in:

Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Boulder, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Tampa, Boston, Madison, St. Paul, Milwaukee, Kansas City, San Diego, Sacramento, Portland, New York, Seattle, Tacoma, Cleveland, Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, Raleigh, Springfield, Austin, Las Vegas, Orlando, Stamford, Hartford, Providence, Philadelphia, Richmond, Baltimore, Durham, Charlotte, Columbia, Jacksonville, Washington DC, Greenwich, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Austin, Bentonville, St. Louis, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, San Francisco, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Little Rock, Huntsville, New York City, New York City (NYC), Colorado Springs, Cleveland, Fort Collins, Longmont, Littleton, Parker, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, Indianapolis, and other locales.

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Considered one of the world's top executive resume writers,  I work with CIO, CEO, COO, CFO, CCO, CTO, CAO, SVP, VP, and other clients in Canada, Chicago, India, Atlanta, Singapore, Santa Clara, Shanghai, Newark, Boston, and other locations.

My executive  resume service extends to major cities & all 50 states; I also work with clients from global regions including Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Latin America.

Executive Resume Writer with Executive Resume Writing Services to Fort Worth, Tampa, St Paul, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Atlanta, Orlando, Houston, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Raleigh, Kansas City, San Diego, Sacramento, Tacoma, Spokane, Phoenix, Tucson, Austin, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Nashville, St Louis, Boise, Scottsdale, Salt Lake City, Springfield, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Littleton, Charleston, Reno, Highlands Ranch, Newark, Savannah, Des Moines, San Antonio, Memphis, Clevelands, Cincinnati, Tulsa, Miami, Mesa, and Sacramento.
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