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Executive Resume Writers :  How to Tell the Difference

Confused by all the resume writers you've found online?

It's not your imagination. There's more resume writing services than ever!

However, for your executive search, you'll want to work with an executive resume writer and veteran of the resume industry, with credentials and personal branding experience pivotal in your job search results.

Here are 7 keys to selecting an executive resume writer who'll capture your ROI in a strong, compelling document:

1 - Find a writer with real-world recruiting and job-hunting experience.

While a degree in a writing field might seem helpful, the best executive resume writers have pored over resumes as a recruiter or hiring manager. Serving on the other side of the hiring table as an applicant is even better! There's no better advisor on job search than a writer who knows what employers look for in a resume.

2 - Find a Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) Award-winning writer.

Considered the pinnacle of executive resume writing expertise, a TORI award is the highest honor attainable in the resume industry.

Judged by a panel of recruiters, hiring authorities, and resume experts, award-winning resumes are gauged on strong content, striking presentation, and keyword strategy from among resume entries worldwide.

If you're truly focused on finding the best executive resume writer, it doesn't get any better than TORI wins.

3 - Look at your writer's executive resume writing & coaching credentials.

Significant hours as a resume writer, plus study, are required for credentials such as Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC), Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW), or Certified Online Professional Networking Strategist (COPNS).

Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) credentials, however, can be earned with just a few months of experience.

For your executive resume needs, look for resume, career coaching, or social media certifications BEYOND the CPRW certification as a measure of executive resume writing and job search expertise.

4 - Look at your writer's executive resume samples.

Nothing tells you more about a resume writer's expertise than viewing executive resume writing samples. Here, you'll see evidence of personal branding strategy, color, keywords, and presentation.

If the resume writer's work doesn't knock your socks off, then it might be wise to look for another resource.

5 - Expect one-on-one, personal collaboration from your writer.

Some executive resume writers have fantastic credentials, but you may find in talking with them that you'll work with their "team" or subcontract writers.

At that point, you'll know you're NOT receiving the direct expertise of the resume writer you sought, and it can make sense to find the personal service your executive career deserves.

6 - Find a writer skilled in guiding you through the hidden job market.

A resume writer who can get the results you want in 2013 must be a job search expert, in addition to a superior writer.

A strong resume is only part of today�s job hunting equation. Therefore, talented resume writers are more than expert wordsmiths: they craft an effective strategy that gets you past the gatekeeper, and teach you methods of tapping the hidden job market.

7 - Look at your writer's social media & marketing savvy.

Google your writer! Do you find page after page of careers industry leadership examples and accolades? Does your resume writer use Twitter? How about LinkedIn?

Look at your resume writer's LinkedIn Profile to see how well he or she uses social media.

To market YOU effectively, an executive resume writer must have mastered the same tools (LinkedIn, Twitter) that you'll need to employ in your job search.

Strong executive resume writers will have an equally strong Internet presence and reputation, and have often served as industry speakers or thought leaders quoted in the media on resume writing topics.

Bottom-line, an excellent executive resume writer will offer you more than just a nice-looking document.

You'll benefit from finding an award-winning, multi-credentialed executive resume expert and partner in your leadership job search.

"After sending out my resume, I was so surprised. I've been approached for 6 (SIX!!!) interviews last week. I am expecting more than 1 offer, and I'm wondering how long I can put them off until I make a decision.

I am so happy with the results of your work, and thrilled that I took a chance to have you redo my resume after having it done by another writer. I am now officially your groupie!"
Brent H., Operations Leader

Read Brent's full endorsement on my LinkedIn Profile

View award-winning executive resume samples developed by a premier executive resume writer.

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