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How to Select the Best Executive Resume Writer for You

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If you�ve searched the Internet for a professional or executive resume writer lately, you�re bound to find endless choices.

How do you decide who is the best writer for you? What criteria should you use in judging a writer�s abilities? And above all, who can you trust?

I'm Laura Smith-Proulx, certified executive resume writer and job search coach, and I believe you should get interviews and results out of hiring a professional writer! I recommend looking for an executive or professional resume writer who offers:

Actual Recruiting/Job Hunting Experience
True resume writing experts couple professional training in resume writing with REAL-WORLD experience in hiring or recruiting.

After screening applicants and poring over resumes for a living, most recruiters have a good eye for what works and what doesn�t - and this experience, along with professional resume training, is a killer combination.

Job Search Expertise & Assistance
An effective resume writer in the competitive market of 2011 must be a job search expert in order to understand what works for your unique situation.
Talented resume writers are more than expert wordsmiths: they understand that a one-size-fits-all resume strategy is not workable. They will have taken the time to learn about (and educate you on) job search techniques, rather than handing you a generalized packet of information. In other words, they're focused on RESULTS.

Verifiable Writing & Coaching Credentials
Significant time and study are required to earn credentials such as the Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), Certified Expert Resume Writer (CERW), or Nationally Certified resume Writer (NCRW), the latter 2 of which have a high failure rate.
The CPRW is easy to earn, so you'll want to look for career coaching or social media certifications BEYOND this credential from renowned careers industry organizations, such as Career Coach Academy.

Ability to Work With You One-on-One
If you check a writer's website and it mentions their "team," this means that you'll be handed off to a junior resume writer - often one without the credentials advertised.
Be sure to ask if you'll deal with only the writer, and if this is the person creating your documents, start to finish.

Sample Resumes
Look carefully at resume samples to discern the extent of the writer�s business knowledge and effectiveness.
Resume samples demonstrate how well the writer knows your industry and career path. For example, a CIO should work with a writer who can show a focused and technology-driven strategy on a sample CIO resume, and a COO in the healthcare field will need a resume writer that demonstrates knowledge of operations management in a sample COO resume.

Social Media Aptitude
Like it or not, social media (especially LinkedIn) has become a huge component of a successful job search. To truly be effective, resume writers must be up to speed on the tools that YOU�LL need to market yourself effectively.
Does your resume writer use Twitter? How about LinkedIn? Do they have a bare-bones profile, or recommendations and frequent status updates? Check with each writer to find out if they offer tools and tips to assist you with social media. If these writers can develop a compelling social media presence for themselves, they�ll have a better chance of assisting you with the type of campaign needed in today�s competitive market.

Marketing Savvy
Google your writer! Do you find page after page of careers industry leadership examples and accolades? Strong resume writers will have an equally strong Internet presence and reputation.
It�s a safe bet to say that, if you can�t gain a clear picture of the writer�s competency by visiting his or her website (or performing a Google search on their name), you�ll find that this ISN�T the service for you.

Professional-Level Pricing
This may seem like an odd criterion, but think about it: writers who charge less than $300 are literally telling you that they either unwilling or unable to devote sufficient time to your project. Many will simply reformat your information without an in-depth consultation of at least 60+ minutes.
Make no mistake about it: a masterpiece resume that truly markets your strengths requires critical thinking skills to analyze your goals, plus the ability to draw out your achievements in context - all time-consuming processes that require YOUR collaboration.

Ongoing Careers Industry Development
Did your resume writer gain a quick CPRW and then move on? Writers on the cutting-edge possess more than 1 certification, and participate in numerous professional groups to learn as much as possible about best practices in job search!
Continuing development on the part of your writer benefits YOU. It's important for your writer to learn the latest strategies that will deliver results for YOUR resume.

You can find an excellent resume writer, but there are some who may fall short of your expectations.

You�ll spend more waking hours on your career than any other activity, and your salary will depend upon how strongly you convey your value.

Your best bet is to check out each source thoroughly�since your future earning power and career happiness will depend on it.

Masterpiece Resume Writing for Leaders Targeting AT&T, Raytheon, Oracle, United Airlines, Ernst & Young, Cisco, Nokia, Google, Citibank, McKesson, Accenture, & Other Top Employers

Executive Resume Writer | Executive Resume Services

Want to gain a competitive edge from a former recruiter? I'm Laura Smith-Proulx, award-winning Resume Writer, National Columnist, Author, and LinkedIn expert.

As a thought leader in the resume industry, I combine a lifelong passion for writing with recruiting expertise, global recognition, awards, and master-level credentials held by less than 30 resume experts worldwide.

My executive resume services and biography writing are designed specifically to capture attention from CEOs, Board Members, or other hiring authorities.

"I want to thank you again for your excellent work. I had 4 offers and 7 interviews within 2 weeks of job searching and every single company commented on the resume! Thanks again for doing such a great job! It is truly a career investment that pays off."

Claudia R., Marketing Executive

What makes An Expert Resume the best choice for
your executive resume and biography needs?

My clients experience OUTSTANDING results and increased confidence as a result of my services. I know what employers seek--and many executives miss--that can make or break a hiring decision.

But don't take my word for it! Read what my clients have to say:

"I have been offered employment already, and I truly believe that it was the resume you created.

I interviewed with 6 people in the organization and they all commented about it. This is the absolute perfect position for me. Thanks for everything!"

Ted N., Purchasing Executive

"Just to let you know that after I started using the resume I had many phone calls and interviews. Today I was offered a position as the Manager of HR. It is exactly what I was looking for, and the pay is beyond what I was making at my other job.

The one thing that helped me was my resume. They just had to talk with me once they got it. Once again, you're AWESOME."

Chris Vaughan, Human Resources Manager

When you work with me, you get personalized service tailored to your needs from a Certified Executive Resume Writer and former recruiter.

My high success rate comes from my unprecedented skill in creating compelling, keyword-rich documents, plus 20+ years in the hiring industry.

Contact An Expert Resume to find out how to win more interviews with my expert career marketing services.

I have won interviews for executives and professionals
in these (and other!) senior-level roles:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) Chief Security Officer (CSO)
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Senior Financial Director Vice President Sales
Supply Chain Executive Technology Vice President
Business Intelligence Executive IT Director
Executive Vice President (EVP) Human Resources (HR) Director
Marketing Director Vice President Bank Operations
Senior Vice President (SVP) Operations Director
Operations Director Media Relations Director
Land Developer Vice President of Investments
Network Operations Director Consulting Practice Director
Operations Director IT Manager
Program Director Territory Sales Director
Land Developer Communications Director
Hospice Director General Manager
Business Development Manager Retail Operations Manager
Product Manager Project Manager
Restaurant General Manager Offshore Development Manager
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Corporate Training Manager
Network Architect Regional Sales Manager

Click here now to find out how to start winning the interviews you deserve!

My executive resume writing services are designed for
a global and national clientele throughout:

Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Boulder, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Tampa, Boston, Madison, St. Paul, Milwaukee, Kansas City, San Diego, Sacramento, Portland, New York, Seattle, Tacoma, Cleveland, Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, Raleigh, Springfield, Austin, Las Vegas, Orlando, Stamford, Hartford, Providence, Philadelphia, Richmond, Baltimore, Durham, Charlotte, Columbia, Jacksonville, Washington DC, Greenwich, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Austin, Bentonville, St. Louis, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, San Francisco, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Little Rock, Huntsville, New York City, New York City (NYC), Colorado Springs, Cleveland, Fort Collins, Longmont, Littleton, Parker, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, Indianapolis, and other locales.

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