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My work has landed interviews for thousands of clients. The reason? Focused, laser-sharp assessment of what you offer employers, captured in a compelling presentation.

I specialize in RESULTS!

Laura Smith-Proulx, CCMC, CPRW, CIC, CPBA, TCCS

Musings from an executive resume writer on the differences among resume services

What's different about executive resume writing vs. that of professional resume writing? How do you choose the best executive resume writer for YOUR situation?

That's an interesting question... and one I consider frequently since my executive resume writing services differ substantially from the classic achievements-focused, bullet-point professional resume.

You see, an executive resume must capture and express a leadership brand concisely, with information that not only reflects WHAT YOU DO, but WHO YOU ARE.

Look at a CTO resume sample to see what I mean: there's an understated presentation, yet the brand message is quickly conveyed.

You can see that this CTO offers not only an engineering background, but strategic abilities that have placed him among other executive team members charged with business planning.

Look more closely and you'll notice that this candidate is considered to be a business- and revenue-focused leader, and that his background includes a unique approach to team development and outsourcing solutions.

Notice that I mention speed and presentation as critical factors in an executive resume. My executive resume samples demonstrate why the top half of the first page is critical: it uses an inverted-pyramid style (a journalism technique from my training) to place the most pertinent information in the reader's path, with other relevant data shown in cascading form down the page.

A qualified and seasoned executive resume writer will zero in on a personal brand as the basis for why employers will take a look at one executive over another.

You see, companies hire PERSONALITIES, not just skills! A personal leadership brand, while not a new concept, was fleshed out by branding gurus Tom Peter and William Arruda in top-selling executive and leadership branding books.

A skilled executive resume writer will expertly differentiate leadership candidates from each other, substantiating their strengths so that the reader understands what these abilities MEAN to the hiring company.

Executive resume writers also innately know that there are few "rules" on length that apply to an executive resume! Many leadership candidates find that a second and possibly a third page is needed to fully convey their value proposition.

Last of all, compelling and persuasive executive resume writing demands and demonstrates extraordinary business knowledge on the part of both the writer and the candidate.

Executive resume writers must effectively draw out the brand, possess focused business acumen, and wrap all of this in what is called a resume strategy, meaning that each word is chosen for PURPOSE and PLACEMENT.

And there you have it--the reason that executive resume writing demands a specific suite of proficiencies from an executive resume writer that knows how to market today's leaders.

No matter what your situation, I offer the strategic perspective of a seasoned career coach and former recruiter.

I'd like to talk with you further about your unique needs--plus ways that I can expedite your job hunt with strong RESULTS.

- Laura Smith-Proulx, CCMC, CPRW, CIC, CPBA, TCCS

I work primarily with:
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My personalized approach will brand your leadership talents AND make employers take notice.

As you can tell, my services are far from ordinary!

Executives who�ve sought my expertise have been profoundly satisfied with having the FULL ATTENTION of a careers industry expert who holds their career needs at the highest priority.

You see, I�m interested in what makes YOU different, and in analyzing YOUR strengths, skills, core competencies, testimonials and feedback, value, and bottom-line contributions.

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