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Executive Resume Writing Service with a High Success Rate

With a distinctly unique approach, my services have earned a 98%+ success rate--even in the most challenging of job hunting situations

When you work with me, you reap the benefit of my corporate background as a recruiter, in addition to my intense focus on your brand and career story. My resumes generate RESULTS!


"After I used your service, I sent out my resume... not being sure what to expect after being unemployed for 14 months. Well, it has been 3 weeks and I have been so surprised. I've been approached for numerous interviews, with 6 (SIX!!!) last week. I am expecting more than 1 offer, and I'm wondering how long I can put them off until I have to make a decision.

I am so happy with the results of your work, and thrilled that I took a chance to have you redo my resume after having it done by another writer. I am now officially your groupie!"

Brent H., Operations Executive
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The reasons behind my resume writing success?

Transformation of your career details into a powerhouse, branded presentation that clicks with employers.

Here's a secret: I write ONLY for employers and recruiters. While you may see your new resume as a work of art, it's really your target companies that will take notice.

Your new resume is branded specifically to appeal to your desired employers at the right level, for the right job--cutting your search short and saving you valuable time during interviews (boosting your odds and confidence in the process)!

Each resume is crafted from my research of recruiting trends, communications with hiring authorities, and insider careers perspective gleaned from 20+ years of landing jobs for motivated professionals.

Hidden job market tips and strategies that really work.

As the author of How to Get Hired Faster: 60+ Proven Tips & Resources to Access the Hidden Job Market, I've made it a priority to provide you with the most effective and powerful job hunting methods so that you can avoid the struggles most job seekers face.

Want to cut your job search time 80%? My clients enjoy an unfair advantage with access to eye-opening details on how to use social media, follow-up with employers, and find new leads--strategies that they report have boosted their success significantly over their colleagues.

Elimination of the flowery phrases and overblown claims used by so many resumes.

As a former recruiter, I know what employers want to see (and what makes them roll their eyes!). You won't find useless, bloated wording in my writing--just specific, solid examples of your brand and an unmistakable message that sums up the value of your entire career.

Your ROI and personality are really what engages employers! My resumes grab attention during that quick glance used by employers to gauge your value.

Your bottom-line contributions are strategically positioned and designed to jump off the page--without the clutter of over-expressive and empty phrases.

"During my interview with an executive recruiter, they said that your executive resume was, hands-down, the BEST they had ever seen."

Mark W., CEO and President

My clients secure top-level opportunities faster than their peers

My reputation for superior quality and razor-sharp knowledge of the job market speaks for itself, and I'd like you to experience the advanced levels of success enjoyed by my clients.

In my practice, nothing less than perfection will do! If you haven't already done so, I urge you to review examples of my work to see the difference a powerful, masterpiece resume can make.

Contact me to find out how my services can make the difference in your career transition.

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