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From: Laura Smith-Proulx,
Resume Expert and Former Recruiter

Dear job-seeking friend,

Is this your experience with job hunting in 2010?
  • You've always been able to find a good job quickly--until this last time
  • You haven't written a resume in a long time, and you're not sure where to start
  • You're replying to Internet job postings--but you never get a response even though you're well-qualified
  • The real YOU isn't coming through on your resume--but you don't know where to get help
  • You'd really like to have an expert show you what to do, step by step, to get more interviews

It's a fact: the best jobs go to those with the best resumes - NOT necessarily those who are most qualified!

Many job hunters can easily describe how well they do their jobs... but when they put pen to paper, it just doesn't come across.

You're not alone. It's tough to motivate employers to call you with thousands of job seekers competing for their attention.

"...just to let you know that after I used the resume, I had many phone calls and interviews..."

Today, I was offered the exact position I was looking for, and the pay is beyond what I was making at my other job. The one thing that helped me was my resume - they just had to talk with me once they got it. This was EXACTLY how I wanted to market myself. My new employer was very impressed.

— Chris Vaughan, Human Resources Manager, Arizona

If you're ready to get calls for the interviews you deserve, and want to
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Solve Your Toughest Resume Challenges to Win More Interviews! is the ONLY resume book that gives you all this information and more...

PLUS leads you step by step to get RESULTS and win the INTERVIEWS you want.

I KNOW that many of you are struggling with how to get employers to call you for the perfect job, since I see it all the time. Most of my clients want to know EXACTLY what they should put in a resume to get more attention for their job search.

The good news is that you don't have to guess at what approach to take, spend hours at the library, or search the Internet.

My resume book gives you simple steps and free resume templates that you can use to:

  • Get as many interviews as needed to land your dream job
  • Take the guesswork out of what SHOULD be on your resume to get it to attract the RIGHT employer
  • Ensure that your resume is a cutting-edge presentation of WHO you really are and WHY you should be hired
  • Produce a compelling masterpiece capturing your skills--without struggling over every word
  • Show employers that you are the candidate they need--NOW

"...I have been offered employment already, and I truly believe that it was the resume..."

I interviewed with 6 people and they all commented about it. This is the absolute perfect position for me. I couldn't ask for anything better... I could see myself there for years to come.

— Ted Niewinski, Purchasing Manager

You get EVERY SECRET that I use to write interview-winning,
killer resumes for my clients that amaze employers

Here is a sample of what's inside this powerful resume book:

New ways to present your education as a plus--EVEN if you lack a degree (pp. 61-64)

Why you should NEVER use your original document to post online at a job board (p. 99)

Effective ways to handle age bias, even if you're 50, 60, or better! (pp. 84-85)

Why relying on advice from friends and colleagues can BACKFIRE (pp. 10-12)

Secret strategies to deal with gaps in your job history (pp. 71-73)

What can happen when you arrange your resume in a particular order (p.16)

Powerful ways to use volunteer or old experience as a HUGE plus (pp. 65-69)

How to CONVINCE employers that you can handle the demands of the job (pp. 74-76)

Easy ways to show your readiness for the next rung on the career ladder (p. 80)

Step-by-step guide to pulling out your achievements (Hint: this is crucial) (pp. 33-41)

The secret to breaking out of your current industry with ease (p. 58)

The #1 reason why you should NEVER include this particular sentence (p. 13)

Powerful ways to spice up your writing so your resume gets NOTICED (pp. 42-45)

"...I've been pleased with the value received when purchasing your resume ebook. I found your work to be a refreshing approach that offered key ideas..."

I have read several other resume writing articles, and already purchased another resume book last year.

With your work, I feel reinvigorated in my job search with my improved resume. It should be a powerful tool in a very tough market.

— Carter S., Public Affairs Director & Lobbyist

", what a powerful tool--so easy to follow and with great examples..."

You mentioned quite a few things I had concerns about, and I realized how much my resume needs updating! You touched base on how to present time off and of course, age bias (for those of us 40 and over!) I couldn't wait to get to each section to learn more!

— S.G., Financial Services Professional

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This is the SAME LIST that I use to create compelling resumes that land interviews!

Here's what you get with this amazing resume book value for only $19.97:

  • INSTANT access to Success secrets that I've used for nearly two decades to land interviews (Valued between $647 - $1497)
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The secrets in this resume book are the EXACT steps I take to get interviews for my own clients! So why is my price so low?

You see, I realize that not everyone can afford a professional resume writer. If you have visited my site, you know that my clients pay hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for a single resume.

But I know how stressful a job search can be! My clients actually MAKE money after hiring me... with significant salary increases, and I want you to have this experience, too.

My goal is to empower as many people as possible who are frustrated with their job search and ready for RESULTS!

I love hearing about the results my resumes achieve, so I am giving you instant access to my best-kept secrets that I KNOW will increase your success--quickly and affordably.

"...your magic WORKED! John landed a $14K increase with an IT Director job..."

He got calls immediately--more in one month than he did in the last 10 months. As for me, I am amazed at the statistics - submitted for 10 jobs, received calls for 6. We will NEVER try to work on our resumes without your assistance again!

— Joanne F., Program Manager, Denver

You also get my personal, money-back guarantee that your purchase is absolutely 100% risk-free

Every penny
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I guarantee that after reading this resume book you will know the steps to design a powerful and compelling resume.

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You have my word on it!

So, are you ready to win more interviews? Here's how to get THE solution to your job search right now.


Yes Laura, I'm ready to get instant answers to my questions on producing a powerful and effective resume so that I can confidently win interviews for my job search.
  • THANK YOU for providing instant access to success secrets that represent nearly two decades of resume writing experience

  • I understand that I will receive the 100+ page workbook as an immediate download, with easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of room for my notes

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  • Thank you for sending my step-by-step guide to turn my underperforming resume into a masterpiece

  • I understand that I will receive BONUS #1, "The Most Effective Job Search Techniques" as part of my package

  • In addition, I will receive BONUS #2, "Power Verbs - The Resume Writer's Secret," with my purchase

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To your career success,

Laura Smith-Proulx

P.S. - The sooner you get your hands on this information, the sooner you'll be able to confidently send out a professionally designed resume to land more interviews. It's so much easier than you can imagine. Order now.

P.P.S. - Remember that your resume is the most important document of your career. Why leave the creation of such a key component to chance when you can get answers to your questions right now?

"...those that think their current resumes are great will not know absolute PERFECTION unless you engage Laura's services...."

It is worth every penny spent to obtain a recruiter's perspective in today's challenging job market!

— Wendy Schultz, IT Project Manager

"...I just wanted to let you know that I IMMEDIATELY received calls after posting my new resume online..."

The recruiter response was unanimous: they said the resume was extremely well-written and conveyed exactly what they were looking for. I'm sure my job search will be VERY productive.

— David S., Offshore Development Manager


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